Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #48 - May 1984

One of the best variations of the Superman-as-digest-subject theme, featuring some of his most exciting team-ups with other stars of the DCU!

The covers are by Howard Bender and Dick Giordano, and this book features one of my all-time favorite back covers, seen here. You rarely see the compartmentalized look when a cover features multiple heroes, but Bender went for it here and I think it just looks superb and way cool. I wish this was done more!

Stories include:
 • Superman and Batgirl in "Wild Week-End in Washington!" by Elliot S. Maggin, Curt Swan, and Bob Oksner 
Superman and Green Lantern in "Beware the Hero-Killers!" by Cary Bates, Swan, and Tex Blaisdell 
Superman and Captain Strong in "The Fantastic Feats of Captain Strong!" by Bates, Swan, and Murphy Anderson 
Elongated Man and Flash(ok, they're not all Superman team-ups) in "The Mystery Man Who Walked On Air!" by Mary Skrenes and Dick Giordano 
Superman, Batman, and Metamorpho in "The Freak Who Never Fails" by Bob Haney, Dick Dillin, and Blaisdell 
Green Arrow and Black Canary in "The Plot To Kill Black Canary" by Maggin and Giordano 
Superman, Batman, and The Atom in "Killers Come In All Sizes" by Haney, Dillin, and John Calnan

...why in a book of Superman team-ups there are two non-Supes stories in here, one them having just been reprinted in a digest two years ago, is a mystery. I'm assuming the page count just didn't work out but it still seems kinda weird.

Still, it's a fun collection, and it's nice to see some other DC heroes during the Superman/Funny Stuff-only digest era.



megomuseum said...

I really need to own this one, I thought I had all the Supes based titles.

DailyPop said...

Superman and Batgirl in "Wild Week-End in Washington!"... did i read that right?

rob! said...

Kal and Babs in the Watergate hotel...ah, good times, good times.