Thursday, August 2, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #49 - June 1984

sgMore Funny Stuff!

Behind the cute cover by Jim Engel, the stories include:
The Three Mousketeers in "Brave Deed" and "The Frog War"
Dodo and the Frog in "Space-Dodo Rides Again" and "Swap Shop"
Peter Porkchops in "Fishy Story"
Dizzy Dog in "Quiz Club" and "The Big Fight"
Raccoon Kids in "It's A Dog's Life"
Stanley Scarecrow in "Scare School Drop-Out"
Doodles Duck in "Driving Crazy" and "A Petty Problem"
Winky and Pinky in "A Place To Sleep"
Bo Bunny in "The Wishing Bean"
Goofy Goose in "Art Smart"
Peter Panda in "Call to Colors"
Nutsy Squirrel in "The Time Machine"
...and the classic Stanley and His Monster in "All Kinds of Spot"

The best material(to me, at least) is the stuff by Sheldon Mayer, who was a genius at this kind of material. It was cute, funny, and sharp; perfect for kids just getting into comics but never talking down to them.

And the Stanley and His Monster stories the digests occasionally ran were always a highlight, I wish they had gotten their own edition!

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