Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Justice League Adventures #1 - 2004

sgAnother fine DC/Cartoon Network title, Justice League Adventures was, to me, a better, more consistent JLA book than the regular title has been for a long time.

I'm not sure why these digest collections hop around the original series to pull stories from, but what the hey:
"The Star Lost" by Fabian Nicieza, John Delaney, and Radny Elliott
the really fun "Wolf's Clothing" by Dan Slott, Min Ku, and Dan Davis, featuring approximately ten thousand DCU villains
"Must There Be A Martian Manhunter?" by Josh Siegal, Chris Jones, and Christian Alamy
"The Moment" by Slott, Ku, and Davis
"Cold War" by Christopher Sequeira, Ku, and Mark Propst I said, a really solid collection of JLA tales, featuring sharp characterization, action, and a really good sense of humor.

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