Sunday, August 19, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #65 - Oct. 1985

sgMore Sugar and Spike! It's interesting to look over these books, after hearing about how editor Nick Cuti kept running mostly as an excuse to talk to Sheldon Mayer and commission a new cover from him. I find that really funny and charming--screw the superhero zombies, we're running more S&S!

Stories(all by Mayer, of course) include:
"Bernie the Brain"
"Mystery Toy"
"The Rise of Sugar & Spike"
"The Adventure of the Wet Stuff...The Shiny Thing...and the Sweet-Mush"
"Impossible Adventure"
"The New Hat"
"Adventure with the Wooden Pussy-Cat"
"Sugar's Greatest Discovery"
"Who Stole Our Ocean?"(sounds like an Aquaman story)
"Growing Pains"
"Sugar Becomes an Indian Chief" a letters page, an innovation from Mr.Cuti and something I wish had appeared more.

The only negative thing about this book is that it was printed with the Flexographic process, the evil evil evil coloring system DC had a brief, torrid affair with. The results aren't as bad here as other places, but it still hurts the eyes a bit.

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Wich2 said...


That's the crappo, limited-color-pallette-and-those-too-garish system, right?

Looks like hell - almost as bad as those nasty 70's books where they switched from metal to plastic plates - dirty, blurred, faded stuff that made Chalton's cereal box press look good!

-Craig W.