Monday, August 20, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #66 - Nov. 1985

sgSuperman team-up action! 100 pages of costumed excitement!

The incredibly overstuffed cover is by Dennis Jensen, and features the following tales of Supes pretending he needs the help of other DCU heroes:
Superman and the The Metal Men in "Sun-Stroke!" by Len Wein and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Superman, Batman, and the JLA in "The Prisoner of the Kryptonite Asteroid!", a two-part tale by Bob Haney, Kurt Schaffenberger, and Murphy Anderson
Superman and the Legion in "To Live in Peace--Nevermore!" by Paul Levitz, Dick Dillin, and Dick Giordano
Superman and...Superboy?!? in "Judge, Jury, and No Justice!" by Levitz, Dillin, and Giordano a letters page asking why DC doesn't reprint more Golden Age tales, and a refreshingly honest answer from editor Nick Cuti:"The casual reader and the fan still outnumber the fan-collector and they would not appreciate the simple storylines and crude art(by today's standards) of the Golden Age classics."

Wow, how times have changed. $50 Archive editions, anyone?


Earth 2 Chris said...

Some pretty intersting stories. Pure Haney wackiness in the WF tale. Who else but Haney would give Superman an abandonned hunchback brother?

Not to be nit-picking, but I'm pretty sure Paris Culins drew the cover, and Jensen inked.


rob! said...

>>Not to be nit-picking<<

that's what my sites are all about!

in any case, the GCD only lists Jensen, and his name is the only signature on it ("Jensen '85"), so...