Friday, August 3, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #50 - July 1984

I guess DC had felt that they had exhausted the Superman Vs. [blank] theme, so they concocted a neat solution: a Year's Best collection.

Thankfully, DC managed to choose a pretty wide variety of stories:
"The Once and Future War" by Len Wein, George Perez, and Pablo Marcos, from DC Comics Presents #61, starring Supes and OMAC 
"The Kid Who Played Superman" by Cary Bates, Curt Swan, and Dave Hunt, from Superman #388 
"Luthor Unleashed!" by Bates, Swan, and Murphy Anderson, from Action Comics #544, featuring the debut of the new meaner, leaner, ready-for-an-action-figure Luthor!  
And to prove that DC had a sense of humor, "Ambush Bug II...Or 'Just When I Thought It Was Safe to Start Reading DC Comics Presents Again'" by (who else?) Keith Giffen, Paul Levitz, and the unusual art team of Giffen and Kurt Schaffenberger!

I always loved Ambush Bug, and his appearances with Superman with great fun. I'm glad DC recognized that and put one of them in here, it makes for a great contrast to all the universe-shattering drama of the previous stories.


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