Thursday, August 9, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #55 - Dec. 1984

sgThis is the final Funny Stuff collection, hold back your tears. Sorry, I shouldn't be so snarky--there should be more comics like this for little kids, and as I've said repeatedly, points to DC for trying.

Stories include:
Peter Porkchops in "Prehistoric Daze"
Bo Bunny in "See Ya Later, Alligator" and "Topsy-Turvy"
Stanely Scarecrow in "Timberrr!"
Peter Panda in "A Visit to Mirrorland"(sounds like a Flash story)
Three Mousketeers in "Upsa-Daisy", "Bugle Blues", "Rufus Rat", and "Fatsy's Dilemma"
Nutsy Squirrel in "For Goodness...Snakes", "Paint We Got Fun", and "One for the Books"
Fraidy Cat in "Give Him The Air"
Dizzy Dog in "Crazy---Like A Fox"
Dodo and Frog in "The Artist"
Doodles Duck in "Music! Music!", "A Toothy Problem", and "Revenge Is Sweet"(featuring the Doodles Duck Revenge-Squad)
Raccoon Kids in "Watermelon Woes"
Blabber Mouse in "Walkie-Talkie"

The front cover is by Chuck Fiala and the back by Jim Engel, who drew in The Monster(as in "Stanley and...") even though he doesn't appear in the book. Oh, well, thanks for the laughs, Funny Stuff!

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

It's a shame they wouldn't bring back classics like that again. Today's generation needs some more humor comics like these!