Saturday, August 18, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #64 - Sept. 1985

sgAh, the Legion is back. Let me contain my excitement.

Ok, done.

Behind the vary busy cover by Paris Cullins and Bob Smith are the following Legion adventures:
"Superboy and the 5 Legion Traitors!" by Jerry Siegel, Curt Swan, and George Klein
"The Secret of the Mystery Legionnaire" by Siegel and Jim Mooney
"The Trimuph of the Legion of Super-Villains" by Siegel and Mooney
"The Super-Moby Dick of Space!" by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte
"The War Between Krypton and Earth!" by Hamilton and Forte
"The Unknown Legionnaire!" by Hamilton, Forte, and Sheldon Moldoff
a fun feature about the various Legion HQs, written by Nick Cuti and E.Nelson Bridwell, with art by James Sherman, Jack Abel, Jim Janes(?), Frank Chiaramonte, Keith Giffen, and Larry Mahlstedt the usual text-piece on the Legion by Paul Levitz, whose enthusiasm for these characters is evident. Maybe that's why his Legion tales were so good!

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