Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #53 - Oct. 1984

sgMore Binky!

A couple of comments on this nice cover by Stan Goldberg--first, the two girls in bikins are reminders that, while this material is meant for kids, this Archie-style produces some of the most beautiful Good Girl Art I've seen. I mean, wow.

Secondly--the girl walking into the water behind Binky. With her flailing arms, it sorta looks me to like she's a blind girl that isn't sure where she's heading. I can see tomorrow's Daily Planet headline: Senseless Tragedy Mars Youth Group's Day at Beach.

Luckily, nothing so dramatic happens in any of these stories, which include:
Binky in "Real Swinging Advice"(!), "Chivalry Anyone?", "The Exterminator" and "Nobody Nose"
Debbi in "Muffins Keep 'Em Moving", "Spots and Flowers", "Dress Dilemma", "Debbi Meets the Hawk", and "Speak Louder, Please"
Scooter in "Malibu the Matchmaker", "With This Cruise, You Blow A Fuse", and "No Place For A Hero"
Li'l Leroy in "Sleep Tight"
Mona in "Equal Rights"
Malibu in "Seace is Believing"
Sylvester in "It's Magic"



Doug Slack said...

chicken salad = most distrubing euphemism ever

megomuseum said...

Binky is the "Bubble Up" of the comics world.