Thursday, August 30, 2007

Justice League Advenutres #2 - 2004

sgMore fun with the JLA! And with everybody's favorite Multiverse-rememberer, Psycho Pirate!

Stories include:
the great "Local Hero" by Dan Slott, Min Ku, and Mark Propst
"An Angry Tide"(featuring guess who!) by Matthew Manning, John Delaney, and John K.Snyder
"Hide and Seek" by Scott McCloud, Delaney, and Snyder
"What's In A Hero?" by Michael Bernard, Delaney, and Rick Burchett
"Emotional Baggage" by Jason Hall, Burchett, and Snyder

...another fine collection. Scott "Zot!" McCloud in particular seemed to have an excellent grasp of these characters, keeping them in character yet coming from unusual story angles. He wrote some excellent stories for Superman Adventures which we'll get to shortly!

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