Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #67 - Dec. 1985

We've arrived at the last Legion digest collection!

The cover is by Karl Kesel, obviously focused on Starfinger, a very familiar-looking Legion villain. I wonder if he and Black Manta ever compared notes?

Stories include: 

• "Starfinger!" by Edmond Hamilton, John Forte, and Sheldon Moldoff 
"The True Identity of Starfinger" by Hamilton, Forte, and Moldoff 
"The Insect Queen of Smallville" by Otto Binder and George Papp 
"The Weddings That Wrecked The Legion!" by Hamilton, Forte, and Moldoff 
"The Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies!" by Jerry Siegel(oh, Jerry...) and Forte 
The Sacrifice of Kid Psycho!" by Binder and Papp 
"Hunters of the Super-Beasts" by Hamilton, Forte, and Moldoff

Editor Nick Cuti was so committed to the Digest Forum and presenting other readers' thoughts that he ran a long letter by one fan in the empty space after each story, which was only about a 1/4 page in size, so that the letter and its answer is spread out over seven pages. It makes for awkward reading, but I think it shows the lengths Nick would go to to fit as much in an issue as possible.


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