Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #47 - April 1984

sgMore Suagr & Spike!

This time, it's all material from the classic S&S comic, all by Sheldon Mayer of course:
"Egg, Sunnyside Down"
"Grown-Up Talk"
"Photo Finish"
"Little Giants"
"Double Trouble"
"How to Play Loozum"
"Runaway Dump-Truck"
"Where's the Toozit Tree?"
"First Echo"
"Zelda, The Walking Riot"
"Busy Corners"
"What's a Flumish?"
"My, How Time Flies"
"The Experiment"

...again, charming, cute, funny stories. How S&S never got tapped to star in their own cartoon series is beyond me.

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bob said...

I'm especially fond of this one, as it was the first place I ever read Sugar&Spike, several years after the digest was published (they'd pretty much vanished from the newstands I got my comics at by 1984). I loved every page of it, in particular the classic "Busy Corners", and have been a huge fan of the series since.