Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #68 - Jan. 1986

Sadly, this is the last Sugar & Spike digest collection. Never again would Shelly Mayer's wonderful little creation get as much regular exposure as they did in the digests. So let's just enjoy what we've got, eh?

Stories include:
"Halloween Cats"
"The Day The Trees Got Sloppy"
"Halloween Goblin"
"Space Sprout"
"Uncle Charlie's Talking Pumpkin"
"Sugar and Spike Get Up in the World"
"Space Sprout Returns"
"The 4000-Year-Old Baby"
"The Shiny Round Roller"
"Halloween Magic"
"Who's Who"

...for some reason, other than a single Millennium Edition reprint in 2000, and they're charming cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Sugar and Spike have pretty much vanished from the pages of DC Comics. They didn't even rate a lisiting in the catch-all Who's Who series(oh, how the last story's title in this book is ironic!) despite many readers writing into complain and demand their inclusion.

Sugar & Spike remain two of DC's most original creations, and so it was nice for them to have a few last shots at the spotlight in Best of DC Digest.


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Wich2 said...


With ya there (and if you come across an extra copy of this one, let's trade.)

I yield to no one in my admiration for the men in tights (in a nice way, I mean...) Grew up with George Reeves, Adam West, and Silver Age Giants!

But comics were originally so much more!

That's why I'm a Charlton fan: it's great to see writers & artists like Nick Cuti, Joe Staton, John Severin, Jim Aparo, Tom Sutton, et al, take on a War, or Cowboy, or Sci-Fi, or Horror, or even Hot Car yarn once in a while.