Sunday, February 19, 2017

Marvel Comics Digest Coming in June!

Well, this is exciting news!

Marvel Comics announced this June they will start publishing a line of digest-sized comics that will be "designed, packaged, and distributed" by Archie Comics, for distribution in "big box retailers, comic shops, and newsstands"! The series will be called Marvel Comics Digest and will be published six times a year.

For a digest comics fan like myself, this news is simply amazing. Not only is Marvel finally getting into the digest game, after their brief attempt in 1987, but they are ensuring that these books will be getting in front of the right audience--namely, kids. And how are they doing that? By teaming up with the industry leader, Archie! Excelsior, what a great idea! Archie has owned the digest format for a quarter century, so it only makes sense. Great move all around!

Rest assured we'll be covering this new series on future episodes of DigestCast!