Monday, September 24, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #47 Unused Cover - 1984

sgWe were just a few hours away to switching from DC to Marvel digests; but this last minute, call-from-the-governor-style stay of execution is courtesy Alex Johnson, previously exclusively a contributor of material to in the form of swell Sheldon Mayer Rudolph original art.

But Alex found this open auction of an original Sheldon Mayer piece that was originally meant to be the back cover for
Best of DC #47 , but was not used for some reason.

Alex is superb at finding this neat stuff; and he offered to look for more if I wanted to see it. Absolutely, sir!

As usual with a Sheldon Mayer piece, its beautifully composed with great lights and darks and smooth-as-silk linework. Nice find, Alex and nice work, Mr.Mayer.

Ok, tomorrow--Marvel digests, no foolin'!

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Wich2 said...

Pretty cool - original art by one of the bonafide Fathers of the Comic Book!

Nice, Rob; thanks, Alex.
-Craig W.