Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Batman Strikes! #2 - 2005

sgThe title that replaced Batman Adventures across the board, Batman Strikes!

I watched a few episodes of the show but it left me sort of cold, but it seems to be quite popular. From what I've heard they're going to work Aquaman and other DCU heroes into the new season, so maybe I will tune in again.

Anyway, even though the show didn't do much for me, I liked the comic; it had the same basic fresh-yet-classic approach to the Batman the previous tie-in book had.

Stories in this issue include:
"The Cat's Prize" by Bill Matheny, Christopher Jones, and Terry Beatty
"Ice Storm" by Matheny, Jones, and Beatty
by Matheny, Jones, and Beatty
"Sanity Plea"
(guess which villain this story centers on?) by Matheny, Jones, and Beatty
"Illumination" by Matthew Manning, Wes Craig, and Beatty

...I had all the issues of this series but gave them away to Trace's nephew since he digs Batman. I had forgotten that when it came time to index this series, so I rebought one of the issues to post it. See how hard I work for you digest fans?

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Earth 2 Chris said...

This show had a rough start, but it's VASTLY improved since season 1. Initally trying to be too different from BTAS, it alienated the older comic crowd. But since Batgirl showed up in season 3, it's story quality has really improved. This season looks to be "The Brave and The Bold" on TV. Looks good!