Saturday, September 1, 2007

Justice League Unlimited #2 - 2006

sgMore JLU, and it's a nice bonus to see Aquaman featured so prominently on the cover by Ben Caldwell!

Stories include:
"In the Dimming Light" by Adam Beecher, Carlos Barberi, and Walden Wong
"Orphans" by Beecher and Ethan Beavers
"The Island" by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong
"Castle Perilous"
by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong
"Madness, Madness...They Call It Madness!"
by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong

...even more members of the DCU get some playing time in these stories, like Red Tornado, Fire, Orion, The Shining Knight, Vixen, Starman, and two Ditko characters, The Question and The Creeper!

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