Friday, September 28, 2007

Dennis The Menace #3 - August 1982

sgThe third and final Dennis digest--hey, I just noticed--Marvel Digest Group? What's that about?

Stories include:
"The Case of the Soggie Doggies", "Rough & Tough", "The Day The Sun Went Out", "Ruff's Family Tree", "Short and Sweet", "Movie Mischief", "Ring Around A Margaret", "Ruff the Beachcomber", "Dog Days", "The Quitter Sitter", and "A Ruff Life."

Was Marvel maybe thinking of a whole digest line? If so, grabbing the rights to a comic strip that was past
its prime seemed like an odd way to go--Garfield Comics Digest woulda been a smash at the time--so this title remains an obscure blip in Marvel's publishing history.

Ketcham's art, however, remains cool--even if this stuff is ghosted from his style(thanks for the tip Craig!).


Wich2 said...

Meister Rob-

Hank Ketch-A-m never drew the comic book stuff (except for the reprints of the one-panel newspaper strip.)

Several ghosts did the funnybooks, including the quite terrific Al Wiseman:

Great weekend,
-Craig W.

rob! said...

duly noted, corrected, and attributed!

Wich2 said...

(You be da MAN!)

Mark Arnold said...

"Marvel Digest Group". There was a second Dennis the Menace digest published by Marvel at exactly the same time called "The Very Best of Dennis the Menace" It also lasted 3 issues.