Friday, September 7, 2007

Teen Titans Go! #1 - 2004

sgI have to admit I'm a little confused as some of the very negative reactions I've seen to the Teen Titans Go! cartoon--from the little I've seen of it, it looks to me like a solid, well-done show, keeping the basic elements of the characters but putting them in a context and a language more attractive to a new generation. But a lot of fanboys like me seem to hate it. Curious.

The comic has the same tone and energy that the show does, and even though it doesn't really appeal to me all that much, I can understandy kids and teens really took to it. Stories for this first volume include:
"Demo" by J.Torres, Todd Nauck, and Larry Stucker
"The Beast Boy Who Cried Wolf" by Torres, Nauck, and Stucker
"Lame-O" by Torres, Tim Smith, and Stucker
"My Crummy Valentine" by Torres, John McCrea, and John Hodgkins
"Monster Zit" by Torres, Smith, and Stucker

...the comic has these occasional "joke" asides during the action, that remind me of Sergio Aragones' Mad Marginals:

I also enjoy how they work in other elements from the Teen Titans universe--Deathstroke, The Fearsome Five, even Trigon! A fun show and a fun comic.


Earth 2 Chris said...

I think most fanboys that hate the TT show never gave it a chance, and some never even watched it. It was far less "anime" than a lot of the still artwork (like this cover) suggests. It basically took it's visual influence from EVERYWHERE and not just anime. It's essentially the Wolfman/Perez Titans with some monderniszed Bob Haney/Cardy Titans sensibility thrown in. If you're going to do the TT, those are the two eras you need to concentrate on.

The shows ran the gamut from completely silly to downright dark and disturbing (the whole Raven/Trigon/re-animated Slade story). But it all worked, and the characters stayed IN-CHARACTER. A feat many comic writers can't accomplish today.

My son and I really miss this show!


Wich2 said...

Dear Rob, Chris, & gang-

Presented with respect, a humorous statement of the opposing viewpoint:

(For my part, I just can't swallow straight heroics from characters whose body template seems to be the Peanuts gang.)

Great weekend,
-Craig W.

megomuseum said...

I really enjoyed Titans and I was never a fan of the comic either. Many fans can't get over the hump of the visuals, that's too bad for them, it's an extremely well done series.

And my kids? They love it.