Friday, September 14, 2007

Powerpuff Girls #1 - 2003

sgBetween this and a lot of the other shows on Cartoon Network, I feel like kids nowadays really get some high-quality shows to watch. Sure, there was The Super Friends and Scooby-Doo when I was a kid, but we also had the Happy Days cartoon and Rubik The Amazing Cube. Yeeesh.

Anyway, like the Cartoon Cartoons book, this collection is from the regular CN title, and features lot of fun stories. Also like
the Cartoon Cartoons book, it only lasted two issues, sadly:
"Squirrely Burly" by Jenifer Moore, Sean Carolan, and Phil Moy
"Buttercup's Boyfriend" by Abby Denson, Dan Fraga, and Mike DeCarlo
"Power Play" by Moore, Carolan, and Moy
"Video Maim" by Denson, Stephanie Gladden, and DeCarlo
"Holy Molar"
by Moore, Carolan, and Moy

...I remember being at a con and seeing PPG penciler Moy at a table. I dig his work so I approached him preparing to ask for an Aquaman sketch, figuring it'd be really cool to have one in his style.

I introduced myself and told him I "love the Powderpuff Girls", making a slip of the tongue. To which he snapped back "that's the Powerpuff Girls."

I didn't ask him for a sketch.


Wich2 said...

Okay, that's IT -

"Dennis the Menace" time!

EArth 2 Chris said...

I bet more people know them as the "PowDerpuff Girls" than the correct name.

PG was a fun show. CN's current lineup leaves me cold, except for Ben 10. that's good kid toons.


rob! said...

Dennis digests are coming!