Sunday, September 2, 2007

Justice League Unlimited #3 - 2006

sgThe final JLU digest(there was no official announcement, but I'll get into why I think so in a later post), featuring another nice cover by Ben Caldwell. Nice job getting Zatanna in there!

Stories include:
"Postcard From The Edge" by Adam Beechen, Carlos Barberi, and Walden Wong (starring Aquaman!)
"Old School" by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong
"Nuts and Bolts"
by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong
"Everybody Limbo!"
by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong (featuring Deadman taking over Wonder Woman's body, a priceless set-up if there ever was one)
"Urban Legend"
by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong

...again, more heroes from the far-flung corners of the DCU get a chance to shine, like Stargirl, the aforementioned Deadman, The Demon, Dr.Occult(!) and even Vibe(!!).

Its also nice that every story is by the same creative team, giving the book a nice consistent feel. Ah, it almost takes you back to the days of Gerry Conway and Dick Dillin on the original JLA book...

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