Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Teen Titans Go! #5 - 2006

sgTeen Titans Go! managed to last longer than any other DC superhero digest, longer than Superman, Batman, or the JLU. Props to the Titans.

Stories include:
"Garsaurus Rex!" by J.Torres, Todd Nauck, and Larry Stucker
"The Book" by Torres and Sean Galloway
"Knockoff!" by Torres, Mike Norton, and Stucker
"Power Failure!" by Torres, Nauck, and Stucker
"Secret Santa"
by Torres, Nauck, and Stucker

These DC digests seemed to be published...erratically, at best. There'd be none for months and then three or four titles in one week. Like I said earlier, I admire DC for trying them again, and especially for aiming them at younger readers, but I think they shot themselves in the foot by the odd publishing schedule, price point, and relatively limited availability to the target audience.

Obviously, all that and more took its toll, since it seems this digest format is all but officially dead. DC is currently soliciting a
sixth TTG! collection, but it is not a digest, its a standard-size trade paperback.


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