Friday, September 21, 2007

Tarzan Digest Ad - 1972

sgThis sweet ad for DC's sole 1972 Tarzan Digest is courtesy Craig Wichman, who holds the distinction of contributing material to all three of my blogs, a Blogging Hat Trick, if you will.

Craig is a member of F.O.A.M.(Friend of AquaMan), a BWFF(Black and White Friend Forever), and...whatever designation is appropriate for here, I've yet to come up with something(sorry, Craig).

Anyway, it's a way cool ad, and probably the only one DC ever ran for the book...they generally advertised the digests much less than they did
the treasuries.


megomuseum said...

This digest hasn't left my nightstand in nine years, it's hands down my favourite.

wich2 said...

Ho, Tarmangani!-

>whatever designation is appropriate for here<

("B.M.L.C"? Big Men, Little Comics?)

Always a pleasure to add a little stew to the ever-more tasty pots you have simmeriing, Rob.

And there just ain't much in the whole history of comics, better than Kubert's (drawn AND scripted!)
King of the Apes!

Great weekend,
-Craig W.