Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tarzan Digest #1 - 1972

sgI probably should've started this blog here, since its DC's first-ever digest, released in 1972 collecting a whole bunch of Russ Manning Tarzan Sunday strips that DC didn't have anything to do with!

Clocking in at a whopping 164 pages, it must not have set the world on fire, since they never did another Tarzan collection, or any other digest, until 1979. This single release remains an odd little curio in DC's publishing history.

There are only three stories in this thick book, but they're all pretty long. They include:
"Tarzan and the Rite of the Great Apes"
"Tarzan and the Ant-Men"
"Tarzan and the Attack of the Beast-Men" little featurettes like "Tarzan's Jungle Lore", "Tarzan's Illustrated Ape-English Dictionary"(!) and two full-page ads for DC's current Tarzan titles, Tarzan the Ape Man and Korak, Son of Tarzan.

The spiffy cover, repeated on the back as well, is by Joe Kubert. (cue Tarzan yell)


megomuseum said...

The book is incredibly sweet but the Kubert cover and Manning interior used to confused me but I have a theory.

Western publishing had previously done Tarzan digests (i have a couple) that seem to suggest that when NPP snapped up the license, they were somewhat obligated to do digests as well.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Rob, & gang-

It was a Burroughs Inc. thang...

When DC later needed to fill 100 pagers, they were allowed to use Manning - doctored newspaper strips!

Weirder still, when Joe fell behind, he did a few "hybrid" stories that blended newspaper panels from even before Manning's tenure, with his own!

-Craig W.