Thursday, July 26, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #43 - Dec. 1983

sgMore Funny Stuff! Nice poster-ish cover by Sheldon Mayer.

Stories include:
Peter Porkchops in "Roman Around"
Flippity and Flop in "Well, Well"
Three Mousketeers in "Ship A-Hooey" and "Patsy the Space Mouse"
Doodles Duck in "I Get A Kick" and "Hippo My Dreams"
Goofy Goose in "The Magic Show"
J.Rufus Lion in "Bird Brain:
Nutsy Squirrel in "U.F. Foes"
Peter Panda in "All At Sea"
Dizzy Dog in "The Ketchup Genie" and "Switch-A-Roo"
Dodo and Frog in "Fenimore's Travels"
Bo Bunny in "Bully Bear"
Raccoon Kids in "Tossing the Bull"

...a lot of this material is by Mayer, and his stuff is uniformily well done, quick-paced, and pretty witty. I'd love to see DC put together a cheap collection of his humor work and and get it front of their Cartoon Network comic-reading audience.

I have no idea what these humor-themed issues sold like, though I bet not that well(I'd love to know!). DC was determined to push that rock up the hill, and I commend 'em for it!

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megomuseum said...

I bought this for the Peter Porkchops story, curious to see him before he joined the Zoo Crew.