Friday, July 27, 2007

DC Sampler #2 Ad - 1984

sgThis is one the very few ads DC ran for the digests past their initial debut in 1980, in the second, 1984 edition of the DC Sampler.

(If I may digress a moment--I don't know any comic fans who didn't loooove the DC Samplers. First, they were free, so you couldn't beat the price. Second, the ads were almost always really beautifully put-together, some giving you glimpses of events that were to come, which were exciting as all get out.

In this same Sampler, there was one for Saga of the Swamp Thing--it contained a gorgeous, moody two-page shot of the swamp by Bissette and Totleben, with an equally moody, evocative piece of writing by Moore. Nowhere in the ad did the Swamp Thing actually appear. Way, way cool.)

Ok--anyway, I like this ad because it features a rare moment of Superman being sarcastic. You can't see it here, but when the cast of Funny Stuff says "...and every other month--Superman!", he replies "Thanks heaps." Does Supes not particularly like sharing digest duties with the various funny animal stars of the DCU?

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