Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adventure Comics #497 - March 1983

Another Gil Kane cover, and while I admit upfront my lack of fascination for the Legion, I really do wish the Challengers of the Unknown got the full cover--their half looks really exciting! Though I'm sure the lack of superhero uniforms would've ruled it out as the only image used to sell the book.

Rozakis and Toth, this time with inker Dan Adkins, are on board for "All Together Now!" the opening Challs story, and the final chapter of the extended origin storyline started in Adventure #493. This was a really fun set of stories, especially the ones drawn by Toth. This run should really be collected somewhere.

The other stories are:
• Superboy in "The Boy With Ultra-Powers!" by Jerry Siegel, Curt Swan, and George Klein
Aquaman in "The Explanation" by Steve Skeates, Jim Aparo, and Dick Giordano 
The Marvel Family in "The Mighty Marvels Join Forces!" by Otto Binder and C.C.Beck 
The Legion in "The Face Behind The Lead Mask!" by Siegel and John Forte 
The Spectre in the classic "Stop That Kid, Before He Wrecks The World!" by Neal Adams another Legion text piece by Paul Levitz.

I was sad to see the Challs go, but as we'll see in two days, there was some more fun features in Adventure's future!

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