Monday, July 30, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #46 - March 1984

sgMost younger comics fans probably can't imagine an era when Jimmy Olsen not only could headline his own title, but do so for twenty years. I think if you combined the solo-title runs for Aquaman, Green Arrow, Atom, and Hawkman you wouldn't make it to twenty years!

So even as late as 1984, Jimmy Olsen was still enough of a headliner to get his own digest, something even Wonder Woman--Wonder Woman!--never did.

Behind the goofy, tongue planted-firmly-in-cheek cover by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano, come these tales of the cub reporter:
"The Boy of 100 Faces!" by Otto Binder, Curt Swan, and Ray Burnley
"The Elastic Lad of Metropolis" by Binder, Swan, and George Klein
"The Super-Lad of Space!" by Binder, Swan, and John Forte
"Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Ex-Pal!" by Binder, Swan, and Burnley
"The Lone Wolf Legionnaire Reporter" by Jim Shooter and Pete Costanza
"The Strange Second Life of Jimmy Olsen" by Leo Dorfman, Kurt Schaffenberger, and Vince Colletta
"Olsen's Time-Trip to Save Krypton"(what?!?) by Robert Bernstein and Costanza
"The Winner's Prize...The Loser's Grave" by Bob Haney and Costanza

...even though the stories are goofy beyond imagining, they are graced with some beautiful artwork. Schaffenberger of course, but I wasn't familiar with Costanza's work outside of Captain Marvel, and his Jimmy Olsen stories are really enjoyable to read and follow. They fit the tone perfectly--hmm, maybe this is why Jimmy lasted so long in his own title...


Wich2 said...


Preach on!

Schaff's stuff was always such a well-constructed - "satisfying," is the best word I can find - pleasure to behold.

And his babes are cuter than heck!
(Of course, he was annointed DC's official "Lois' Head" man!)

Pete Costanza'a work is fun, too; he did LOTS of work for ACG - in the Mystery titles, and I believe, in their stab at Superheroes.

I can only say that, as a kid, the whole "being Supes' buddy" thing worked for us, on a subconcious level.

Thanks for the smiles,
-Craig W.

megomuseum said...

Another from the "need it" pile.