Friday, July 20, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #39 - Aug. 1983

sgIt's everybody's second favorite comic-book teenager, Binky! And his buddies!

The promised 100 pages of guys, gals, and gags include:
Binky in "Lucky Binky" and "A Message To Peggy"
Benny in "Near Sighted Devil"
Binky in "Predictions Anyone"
Debbi in "Tennis Bums"
Binky in "The Slow Talker" and "Never When You Need One"
Scooter in "Fishing"
Cynthia in "The Picnic Sick-Nick"
Binky in "All In A Day's Work"
Scooter in "Weird Wild Wheels"
Debbi in "Take It Off"(!)
Buzzy in "Girl Trouble"
Binky in "Run, Mudder, Run"
...most of the work is by Henry Scarpelli in one way or another, and it certainly is nice to look at in that very clean, easy-on-the-eyes Archie-style.

Sure, most of the costumes and jokes are laughably out of date, but this collection would still probably make good reading for little girls who are jusy starting to read beyond picture books.

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