Thursday, July 19, 2007

Adventure Comics #501 - July 1983

If you swapped out the Legion for the Justice Society, this cover could've appeared on a Golden Age-era issue of All-Star Comics. I mean, come on, you can't beat a Hitler/Nero/Dillinger combo as villains. Nice job by Ed Hannigan and Paris Cullins.

Stories include:
Plastic Man in "Codename: Pinkeye" by Martin Pasko, Joe Staton, and Bob Smith
The Legion in "Super Villains of All Ages" by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte
an uncredited Ultra Boy pin-up
Captain Marvel in "The Chameleon Stone" by William Woolfolk and C.C.Beck
The Spectre in "The Ghost That Haunted Money" by Gardner Fox, Jerry Grandinetti, and Murphy Anderson
new feature The Ray in a self-titled tale by Will Eisner and Lou Fine
Aquaman in "When The Seas Die" by Steve Skeates, Jim Aparo, and Dick Giordano
The Legion in "The Legionnaires Super-Contest!" by Hamilton and Forte an uncredited Legion of Substitute Heroes pin-up(can you feel the excitement?) and the regular Legion text page by Paul Levitz.

Only two more issues of Adventure left...*sniff*


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