Friday, July 13, 2007

Adventure Comics #498 - April 1983

Hey, the new lead feature for Adventure is Plastic Man, so where's his front cover slot? Geez, such little respect for Plas! Instead we get a double Legion cover, still nicely drawn by Gil Kane.

The Plastic Man story, self-titled, is by Len Wein, Joe Staton, and Bob Smith, and may hold the record for fastest reprint ever, since this story originally appeared in Adventure Comics #467, a mere thirty issues ago! It's a common remark for people to say no ever did Plastic Man as good as Jack Cole, but I really liked these stories--I thought they were fun, quick-paced, and Staton was a great choice for Plas. DC must have recognized that and decided they were worth reprinting, even so soon.

The other stories are:
a Bouncing Boy pin-up(because you demanded it!) by...uncredited!
"The Secret Origin of Bouncing Boy!" by Jerry Siegel and John Forte
Aquaman in "Come the Revolution" by Steve Skeates, Jim Aparo, and Dick Giordano
"Captain Marvel Battles The World's Maddest Ghost" by Otto Binder and C.C.Beck
The Sandman in "The Man Who Knew All The Answers" by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
"Sun-Boy's Last Power" by Siegel and Forte
Mary Marvel(who doesn't even get on either cover!) in "The Thanksgiving Thieves!" by E.Nelson Bridwell and Bob Oksner
The Spectre in "The Fugitive From Justice", written and drawn by Neal Adams the obligatory Legion text piece by Paul Levitz.

Even though I miss the Rozakis/Toth Challengers of the Unknown stories, Plastic Man is a nice addition, and the Mary Marvel tale(from DC's Shazam! #10) is a sweet, fun story; it's a darn shame that this was her one appearance in Adventure!

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