Tuesday, June 5, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #17 - Jan. 1982

sgOk, DC decided to do another Ghosts collection, but this time they decided to go for less stories and more big-name creators. Less quantity, more quality.

The stories behind the funny-yet-nightmarish cover by Joe Kubert are:
"A Carnival of Dwarfs" by Michael Fleisher, the mysterious Russell Carley, and Arthur Suydam
"Above and Beyond the Call of Duty" by Sergio Aragones and Neal Adams!
"He Who Laughs Last..." by Len Wein, Berni Wrightson, and Mike Kaluta
"The Widow's Walk" by Howard Post, Adams, and Joe Orlando
"Message From Beyond" by Jack Oleck and Ralph Reese
"The Monster" by Oleck and Wally Wood
the oft-reprinted classic "Nightmare" by Bob Kanigher, Adams, and Dick Giordano
"A Bottle of Incense...A Whiff of the Past!" by Francis Bushmaster(?), Alan Weiss, and Wrightson
"The Game" by Bushmaster and Adams
"Death on Cue!" by David Michelinie and Rubeny
"Symbionts" by Marv Wolfman, Rich Buckler, and Adams
"Born Losers" by John Albano, and Kaluta
"The Dead Can Kill" by Wolfman and Adams

...wow, looking back at this book to write about it made me realize what an awesome collection of material this is. I think I bought it on ebay for just a couple of bucks, which is a steal. I mean, you've got Adams, Kaluta, Wrightson, Wood, Giordano, Aragones, Buckler, Weiss, Suydam, and Reese, with a Kubert cover!


Doug slack said...

I have this one. Think i picked it up for a dollar in Heroes World!
Adams is another one of my favorite unsung artists. He was all over House of Mystery and The Unexpected when I was a kid.

Doug slack said...

Wait, I'm thinking of another guy. Nevermind. Forget this ever happened until I pull up his name.

rob! said...

>>Adams is another one of my favorite unsung artists<<

i did wonder. Adams, unsung? he's very sung!