Saturday, May 12, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #6 - Feb. 1981

sgDC decided to branch out a little and reprint some non-superhero material--and lots of it! 17 stories?!? Too bad its all from the mostly anemic Ghosts book, not the cooler, somewhat-edgier House of Mystery. Oh well...

Stories include:
"Death Held the Lantern High" by Leo Dorfman and Alfredo Alcala
"The Phantom Hangman" by George Kashdan and Rico Rival
"The Most Fearful Villain of the Supernatural" (ungainly title, that) by Kashdan and Lee Elias
"Death Weaves A Web" by Kashdan and Ernie Chan
"The Yawning Mouth of Hell" by Dorfman and a fine art job by Jerry Grandinetti
"The Most Haunted House in England" by Dorfman and J.Noriega
"The Specter Wore a Badge" by Martin Pasko and Rubeny
Dr.Thirteen in "And The Corpse Cried Murder!" by Len Wein and Tony DeZuniga
"The Spirit in the Ring" by Kashdan and J.Lofamia
"A Phantom In The Alamo" by Carl Wessler and Sam Glanzman
"Dark Destiny" by Wessler and Chan
"The Eye of Evil" by Dorfman and Frank Redondo
"The Ghost and General Ike"(!) by Murray Boltinoff and John Calnan
"The Specter from the Blog" by Dorfman and Glanzman (does he wear a badge?)
The Phantom Stranger (ah, now the good stuff!) in "Image in Wax" by the unbeatable team of Wein and Jim Aparo!
...and then we end anti-climactically with "Omen From the Beyond" by Boltinoff and Rubeny much as I like horror comics in general, its tough getting through this collection, simply because there are so many stories that look and read so similarly that you start nodding off about halfway through. DC of course wasn't allowed to do anything too horrible in their horror comics, so you're left with a lot of ghost stories where somebody gets mildly scared, and that's it.

But at least The Phantom Stranger made an appearance!

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