Friday, June 22, 2007

"Daily Planet" September 1979 Ad


I caught this ad for DC Special Series #19 in DC's "Daily Planet" feature for their September 1979 comics.

I always liked DC's "Daily Planet" thing, I thought it was a fun way of promoting their books, like Marvel was so good at with "Bullpen Bulletins". "Ask the Answer Man", "Hembeck", "Direct Currents"...what's not to love?

Interesting tidbit...all the art used to promote the Secret Origins digest is clipped from Nick Cardy's Secret Origins covers from 1973!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Man, I loved the DP pages. They'd send me looking for comics, anticipating when they'd arrive at any of the nearby drugstores. When they didn't show up, I'd be heart-broken. The biggest tease of all was JLA #200. I searched and searched for that book. I finally found it 10 years later!!!

This just goes to prove everybody loves Nick Cardy! And they shoudl!


Wich2 said...


Speaking of those '73 "S.O."'s...

I remember loving the SPECTRE one -and I'm pretty sure that I read where the success of it lead to Joe Orlando setting up the iconic Fleisher/Aparo series!

Great weekend!