Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24 - Aug. 1982

DC certainly decided to something extra cool for this, the final, if unheralded, issue of DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest.

Was two digest titles one too many? That'd be a logical guess, but since they would revamp Adventure Comics as a digest title the very next month, that's probably not it. Maybe if I'm ever lucky enough to interview Karen Berger on the subject(who is listed as editor here), I can find out directly. But until then, all we're left with is this disturbing Joe Kubert cover of kids walking directly under Cain's giant crotch.

Anyway, this book does reprint a whole bunch of stories, by some of DC's best people:

• "No Strings Attached" by Len Wein and "Wild" Bill Draut 
"The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" by Marv Wolfman and Alex Toth 
"All in the Family" by Virgil North and Berni Wrightson 
The bona-fide classic "The Demon Within" by Joe Orlando, John Albano, and Jim Aparo(say that three times fast!) 
• "Hyde--and Go Seek!" by Wein and Tony DeZuniga 
"Double Take" by Steve Skeates and George Tuska 
"The Whole Ball of Tin" by Gerry Conway, Wein, and Bob Oksner 
"Tomorrow I Hang!" by E.Nelson Bridwell and Aparo 
"The House of Endless Years" by Conway and Draut 
Countdown" by ? and Ralph Reese 
"A Girl and Her Dog" by Conway and Gray Morrow 
"Born Loser" by Jack Oleck and Toth 
"Sno'Fun" by ? and Wally Wood--one of the rare HOM tales that stars Cain

...plus a Cain pin-up by Wrightson!

I know that I love Everything Aparo, but he really did do horror tales well. He drew them realistically, without a lot of gothic atmosphere, which always made them more frightening to me, since they seemed so much more real. I wish Aparo had done more of them, but at least we get two of them here.

A great collection of story and art, and if DC felt the need to cancel DCSBRD, at least they went out on a winner!

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