Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #21 - May 1982

sgBehind one of the greatest covers Joe Kubert ever did(and that's saying something) is a huge collection of tales starring most of DC's war-comics stars. This is Rock's fourth digest, putting him ahead of Batman as a headliner of digests. Not bad for a non-com.

Stories include:
"Stop The War--I Want To Get Off!" by Bob Kanigher and Kubert
"The Face of War" by Kanigher, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito
The Haunted Tank in "Let Me Live...Let Me Die!" by Kanigher and Russ Heath
"Horseless" by Kanigher and Ric Estrada
"White Devil, Yellow Devil" by Kanigher and Alex Toth
"The Fighting Guns of Easy" by Kanigher and Kubert
Enemy Ace in "Reach for the Heavens" by Kanigher and Kubert
"My Buddy the Dinosaur" by Kanigher and Kubert
...all this plus a few Rock pin-ups and "Battle Albums", which were featurettes about the equipment of war

The editor for this issue is listed as Dave Manak, a DC staffer and cartoonist. There's a one page text piece all about Kanigher that is uncredited, but presumably written by Manak, and features a tag for the next digest--"Nelson Bridwell brings you the Secret Origins of Superheroes. See you there?"


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