Sunday, June 3, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #16 - Dec. 1981

sgOoh, this is a nice collection--as the cover says, it features six GL stories by O'Neil and Adams--what more could you ask for 95 cents?

Behind the ever-so-slightly-odd cover by Adams(far be it from me to question the anatomy in a Neal Adams drawing, but what part of the body is that, exactly, right below Hal's chest emblem?)

Anyway, the classic stories--all by O'Neil and Adams, and inks mostly by Giordano--are:
"Death Be My Destiny" (Green Lantern #81)
"How Do Fight a Nightmare?" (Green Lantern #82)
"Peril in Plastic" (Green Lantern #84--with inks by Berni Wrightson!)
"The Killing of An Archer" (Flash #217)
"Green Arrow is Dead" (Flash #218)
"The Fate of An Archer" (Flash #219--hmm, shouldn't "fate" come before "dead"? ...ah, its comics)

These are of course a great bunch of stories, full of passion and excitement. Yeah, they're definitely of their time, but they still remain vital, alive comics, all these years later. O'Neil and Adams were always more than the sum of their parts when they worked on a comic together.

Just as a side note, this is Green Lantern's second digest collection, while neither Wonder Woman or Aquaman have gotten one. Now, of course Arthur is used to being treated like crap, so I'm sure he wasn't terribly upset. But how did Diana feel? Probably made for some awkward meetings at the satellite.

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