Monday, June 11, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #20 - April 1982

sgRemember what I said about that Doom Patrol digest being off-beat? Well, take that x100 and you get this--a collection of tales from DC's ill-fated Gothic Romance line of comics from the early to mid-70s.

I don't know how DC thought of this, but thank Rao they did! Not only is it a welcome respite from endless Superman reprints, but it gives fans--the kind who wouldn't have been caught dead reading romance comics--a chance to see some of the excellent work in these books.

The book is comprised of, as the cover says, three novel-length stories:
"To Wed the Devil" by Joe Orlando(who also drew the cover), Len Wein, and Tony DeZuniga (this story features an unusual text-with-spot-illustrations epilogue)
"Bride of the Falcon" by Frank Robbins, Alex Toth(!), and Frank Giacoia
the little more traditional "Doorway to Nightmare" by David Micheline and Val Mayerik, starring Madame Xanadu, plus a two-page pin-up of MX by Michael Kaluta!

I can bet that this was one of DC's lowest-selling digests ever, which is too bad since they deserve credit for trying something different, if only for a month. And now--of course--this digest is one of the toughest to find and most sought out by collectors.

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