Saturday, June 9, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #19 - Mar. 1982

sgThis has got to be the oddest choice of digest star(s), ever. The Doom Patrol? I'm not saying those comics weren't good, but the DP had been killed off long ago, and even the "new" Doom Patrol that debuted in Showcase was a few years ago at this point.

Clearly, someone or someones at DC editorial pushed this through--what the hell, it's only one digest, right?

Not to say that DC didn't try--this book features front and back covers by George Perez, always a help when you're trying to move a book.

The book features four DP tales, all by the team of Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani:
"The Doom Patrol" (My Greatest Adventure #80)
"The Brotherhood of Evil" (Doom Patrol #86)
"Mento--The Man Who Split the Doom Patrol"
(Doom Patrol #91)
"The Enemy Within the Doom Patrol" (Doom Patrol #90) a cover gallery, and a fun pin-up schematic of Robotman's innards by Perez! While the Doom Patrol may have been a pretty uncommercial, off-beat choice for a digest, DC did try their best to make it as entertaining as possible!


Earth 2 Chris said...

This digest could have been the result of the Doom Patrol storyline running in New Teen Titans around the same time. Chageling(Beast Boy) goes looking for the missing Robotman, who was hunting for the DP's killers. It's a great story arc, and was my first exposure to the DP. It may have been DC's way of doing another tie-in to their then most popular title. Just a theory!


rob! said...

you know, i forgot about that...i bet your right. this wouldve been a perfect tie-in to the NTT storyline.

Anonymous said...

My ALL TIME fave of the digests, my first exposure to the Doom Patrol and the incredible work of Bruno Premiani!