Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DC Comics April 1980 Ad

sgA handsome ad promoting of DC's most fun concepts, the Year's Best collections. The hand holding a book that has a hand on it, though, makes my head hurt.

I didn't mention this at the time of posting this book, but...1)man, would I hate to have to sit behind Deadman, and 2)on the upper left corner you can see Zan and Janya, pretty much the only time they got to mingle with the rest of the DCU!


Wich2 said...

>man, would I hate to have to sit behind Deadman<

(Afraid of having your bod taken over, so's ol' Boston could make a pass at Kara?)

rob! said...

you know, i didnt even think of that! my joke was more mundane, in that anyone sitting behind Boston can't see the stage behind his giant cowl. there's a reason why Hawkman is in the back!