Saturday, June 2, 2007

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #19 - Dec. 1981

sgAh, yes, more Superman.

Behind the uninspiring cover(a rarity for Andru & Giordano) are these stories:
"The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue" by Leo Dorfman, Curt Swan, and George Klein
"The New Superman-Batman Team!" by Cary Bates, Swan, and Klein
"Mr. and Mrs. Clark(Superman) Kent!" by Jerry Siegel and the ever-great Kurt Schaffenberger (an "imaginary story"...aren't they all?)
"Lois Lane...Dead...Yet Alive" (zombie Lois!) by Otto Binder, Swan, and Jack Abel
"Superman, 2001" (gee, I wonder what that will be like?) by Bates, Elliott S! Maggin, Swan, and Bob Oksner may reveal something that, by this, the ninth Superman or Superman-related digest collection, there wasn't any text feature by ENB. I think even he ran out of Superman comments to make.

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