Tuesday, May 8, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #4 - Oct. 1980

sgAh, finally--the bravest of all the Green Lanterns get his own digest collection--no more of this "Flash + 1 Guest" crap for Hal Jordan!

Behind the gorgeous, dramatic cover by Dick Giordano, we have a collection of some of Green Lantern's greatest adventures:
"The Planet of the Doomed Men" by John Broome, Gil Kane, and Murphy Anderson (from Green Lantern #1)
"The Power Ring That Vanished" by Broome, Kane, and Joe Giella (GL #5)
"The Secret Life of Star Sapphire" by Broome, Kane, and Giella (GL #16)
"Zero Hour in the Silent City" (great title--somebody make a movie with that title, pronto!) by Broome, Kane, and Giella (GL #12)
"Two Green Lanterns in the Family" by Broome, Carmine Infantino, and Sid Greene (GL #53)
"The Secret Origin of the Guardians" by Broome, Kane, and Greene (the classic GL #40)

...plus a text feature all about Green Lantern's greatest villains! Great Guardians, what a great digest!


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