Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The X-Files Comics Digest #1 - Dec. 1995

sgOther companies have tried to go the modern-digest route; Topps Comics gave its licensed The X-Files comic the digest treatment in 1995.

The cover is by Miran Kim, and the inside stories include:
"Big Foot, Warm Heart" by Stefan Petrucha and Charles Adlard.

...then the rest of the book is filled with adaptations of Ray Bradbury stories. A nice fit, I would say:
"The Visitor", adapted by P.Craig Russell and Michael Lark (originally from Ray Bradbury Comics Special Edition #1)
"The Foghorn" by Wayne D. Barlow (from Ray Bradbury Comics #3)
"Trapdoor" by Ross MacDonald (from
Ray Bradbury Comics #5)

...the X-Files story isn't bad, and the first and last Bradbury adaptations are a lot of fun. Apparently, that didn't make a difference, since The X-Files Comics Digest only lasted three issues. In 1995 The X-Files was like the hottest show on television, so its surprising to me that the show's rabid fanbase alone couldn't keep the book afloat.

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Christopher Mills said...

I was a fan of the show and the Topps Comics (at least while Adlard was drawing them), so I picked up the first two issues of these.

The Bradbury stories were okay, but I already had them; it would have been better if they'd had more X-FILES material.

In fact, if they'd had text articles with color photos, I bet the TV series/Duchovny fans would have bought more copies....