Monday, October 8, 2007

Spider-Man Comics Magazine #9 - May 1988

sgWhat's with that Attention: Retailers blurb? I've seen it before and never understood why it needed to printed right on the comic. Can't they send a separate single piece of paper or something? Hey, Marvel, leave me out of the business--I just want to read my Lee/Romita Spider-Mans in peace!

The Lee/Romita issues of Amazing Spider-Man included are: "In The Blaze of Battle!", "The Night of the Prowler!", and "To Prowl No More!"(gee, that was fast)

I always thought the Prowler was a neat villain--not a bad gimmick and a really cool costume. Too bad he never quite made it to the Hall of Fame of Spidey villains.


Earth 2 Chris said...

That's more annoyng that that bicycle contest banner that seemed to run on the top of every Marvel cover from 1980-1984!


megomuseum said...

This digest gave me a life long appreciation for the prowler, the sad sack of Marvel, he deserved so much more.