Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mystery Comics Digest #6 - Aug. 1972

sgHmm, while this is a nicely painted cover, it doesn't really look like anything I'd associate with The Twilight Zone. But what the heck--Rod Serling was probably a little busy doing Night Gallery and smoking two cartons a day to oversee some silly comic book.

All these stories are uncredited, unfortunately(though a few have to have been drawn by Dan Spiegle):
"The Shield of Medusa", "Luck in the Twilight Zone", "The Legacy of Hans Burkel", "The Shadow of Fate", "Wings of Death", "No Place to Hyde", "Lost Acre", "Journey Into Jeopardy", "Voyage Into the Twilight Zone", "The Vial of Evil", "The Fortune Hunters", "Doomed to Battle", "Birds of a Feather", "Do Not Touch the Exhibit", "The Doom Days", "The Sinister Satano", "Night Train to Eternity"(oh man, have I been there!), "The Ray of Phobos", and "The Street Where Evil Dwealt."

I know some of you out there are a lot more familiar with the Gold Key digests(Craig, I'm looking in your directon), so if any of you ever want to write up a review of a digest I never got to, please feel free! We'll have our first guest review here tomorrow!

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wich2 said...

Rob & gang-

>I know some of you out there are a lot more familiar with the Gold Key digests<

"Familiar," perhaps... "expert," perhaps not...
(Bela Lugosi paraphrase, as Halloween approacheth.)

>(Craig, I'm looking in your directon)<

(Craig looks back, like a duck struck with a mallet...)

Seriously, I read a lot of GK/Dell/Whitman (even then, I craved more that just men in longjohns comics). Especially liked the Mystery books, as my Ma had always watched TZ, THRILLER, OUTER LIMITS, ONE STEP BEYOND.

Alas, much of the writing wasn't designed for adults - but the art? Speigle, Crandall, Manning, McWilliams, Giolitti, Wood, Evans... even Robinson! And those great George Wilson covers!

A bench whose depth frankly beat DC and Marvel, for sheer classic illustrative power.

-Craig W.