Sunday, October 14, 2007

Transformers Comics Magazine #1 - Oct. 1986

sgRemember what I said yesterday about never being all that excited about G.I. Joe? Well, multiply that x100 and you have my indifference towards The Transformers.

I think of The Transformers the same way I think of Bon Jovi--I didn't like them when they first came out and were massively popular, I didn't like them when no one cared about them, and I don't like them now that they're popular again.

I was never a big robot guy, but I loved C3PO and R2D2, because they had humor and pathos and even warmth--the Transformers always seemed like loud, violent, ugly boxes. When they picked Michael Bay to direct the movie I thought "well, of course."

But obviously I'm in the minority, since they've managed to enrapture now two generations, and in 1986 they were big enough to earn a second title, something only Spider-Man and G.I. Joe were able to do. So props to them.

This series lasted ten issues, and featured work by the likes of Bill Mantlo, Bob Budiansky, Ralph Macchio, Ian Akin, Brian Garvey, and others.

Sorry to end the Marvel run of digests on such a downer note, but...come back tomorrow and there'll be some fun and unusual stuff!

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Caroline Kaiser ( NL ) said...

Reading the first TF comics in digest form is really terrible.
The robots talk almost endless and its difficult to read the small print. TF 1-4 are dull, simple and almost unreadable.
I nearly dropped the title and read 5, and issue 5 ("in a 4 issue limited series") is a turnaround, very dark and with many surprises.
Issue 5 transformed me into a TF Fan. Not every marvel issue was great, but there are very good storylines, I especially can recommend 49-80.
And Marvels issue 80 ends with "in a 4 issue limited series". A fine gag.