Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spider-Man Comics Magazine #12 - Nov. 1988

sgQuite possibly Flexographic's worst issue--the coloring is all over the place, as if someone kept bumping the machine. Oy. Since this is a special issue, the horrible printing hurts even worse.

This time Marvel chose to reprint the extra-long story from
The Spectacular Spider-Man #2, their brief attempt at a Spidey magazine, instead of consecutive ASM issues. Why, who knows, but it was a nice treat since so few people ever saw the original from 1968.

...there's also Green Goblin's listing from The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe. Too bad they couldn't find room for the original cover, which was a painting based on Romita's cover.


megomuseum said...

I don't think the painted cover would have translated into great sales, it would have looked like a throwback to goldkey.

I never really noticed the horrible prints on these before, thanks, now they bug me.

rob! said...

sorry 'bout that...this blog is supposed to be about the LOVE.