Saturday, October 6, 2007

Spider-Man Comics Magazine #7 - Jan. 1988

sgMore classic Spidey adventures. Somehow the colors are even brighter this issue, requiring sunglasses to read it. Is there something higher than 100% red?

The Lee/Romita issues of ASM included are: "The Speedster and the Spider", "Rocked by The Shocker"(which I believe was a Scorpions album title), and "The Web Closes"

Am I the only one who thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger should play Man Mountain Marko in Spider-Man 4?

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Frank Lee Delano said...

Either on my way to or from living in Henderson, NV (I thought the later, but the date is too far off,)I bought this digest at a grocery store in Flagstaff, AZ to kill time. At the time, I figured Man Mountain was a Juggernaut prototype, but eventually learned otherwise. Gotta love Jazzy Johnny!