Monday, October 15, 2007

Fiction Illustrated #2 - 1976

sgThis is the second volume of a very obscure series of digests, published by Pyramid Books featuring one, one-hundred and twenty page story. Each book in the series presented a different genre--this second volume features Starfawn, a sci-fi tale, as it says on the cover, "in the Star Trek tradition." It's a mix of standard comic book storytelling mixed with book-style prose.

Starfawn was written and edited by Byron Preiss, with art by Steven Fabian, and coloring by the legendary Marie Severin!


Christopher Mills said...

I own the Steranko CHANDLER digest. I didn't realize that Preiss did more in that format...

wich2 said...

I think there was one with a MIKE MAUSER story...?

Christopher Mills said...

I'm pretty sure that there were no MAUSER stories done for Preiss. At the time of these books, the character was still owned by Charlton.

Wich2 said...


You are absolutely correct, sir!

Dig a little digging, and it was a "Schlomo Raven" story by Sutton.

He was a DIFFERENT little-schlub noir-ish detective-type character!

Happy Halloween,
-Craig W.