Friday, May 18, 2007

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #8 - April 1981

sgOnly eight issues in to DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest, and already the Legion get their second collection. As a kid, I never really got into the whole Legion concept; but clearly I was one of the few since LSH was one of DC's most popular titles in the early eighties, and only got moreso when the team of Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen took over.

Stories include:
"Escape of the Fatal Five" by Jim Shooter, Curt Swan, and George Klein (Adventure Comics #365)
"Fight for the Championship of the Universe"(!) by Shooter, Swan, and Klein (
Adventure Comics #366)
"No Escape From the Circle of Death" by Shooter, Swan, and Klein
(Adventure Comics #367)
"Lost: A Million Miles From Home" by Cary Bates, the late great Dave Cockrum, and Mike Grell (Superboy #202)
"The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time" by Bates and Cockrum (Superboy #198)

...the inside cover features the covers of the three Adventure Comics issues reprinted, instead of the usual text piece by ENB. They're reprinted small and in b/w, which is a darn shame since all three covers were by Neal Adams, which should be viewed as big as possible!

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